Solar Energy

Our company, works in partnership with the world's leading manufacturers and EPC companies on Solar Energy.

We are offers Consultancy, Product Selection, Design, from small 100 kW-50 kW systems for home use to 50-1000 kW systems suitable for the roofs of commercial enterprises and factories and large projects for investment purposes.

We are provides construction, installation and operation maintenance services.

Our highest efficiency, European and American produced Solar Panels are offered at very favorable conditions.

Our single or multi-crystalline Modules suitable for the project to be carried out will shorten your investment period by ensuring that you always get the highest efficiency.

Fast weekly deliveries from Europe, our strong stocks, products with the highest quality certificates are sold with the advantages of production warranty insurance.

No matter the size of your project, you can receive the most suitable Loan Opportunities from local and international financial institutions, along with appropriate Grant supports depending on the location and type of your business.

Our Inverters, Chargers, High quality Lead Batteries, Dry Batteries and Gen Batteries are offered with the highest quality and affordable price policy.